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 by Alberto Sánchez-Terrén

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JaS (Java Spectrum emulator) - Overview

JaS is a ZX Spectrum emulator written in Java.

It was developed by Alberto Sánchez-Terrén during 2003 and 2004, as the result of his Final Course Project in Computer Science. The advisors were Eduardo Mena and Juan Pablo López-Grao.

In 2009, José Ignacio Fernández González opened a new source code branch of JaS under a GPL3 licence, named JaS Enhanced (jasenh).

In 2010, José Luis Sánchez created a new emulator starting from the Z80 core of JaS. This excellent emulator is named JSpeccy.

Main features:

  • File formats: Supports tape images (TZX, TAP), as well as snapshots (SNA, Z80).
  • Emulated models: 48K, 48K+, Inves, 128K, 128K+, +2.
  • Screen size: Normal (256x192) or zoomed (x2, x3 or x4).
  • Sound support: MIDI, though yet to be enhanced... ;-)
  • Extra features: Powerful graphical debugger, tape browser, joystick support, snapshot preview, fast loading, auto load, ...
  • More extra features: You can capture screenshots (GIF format), POKE the Spectrum's memory, load/dump BASIC blocks in/into TXT format, redefine the keyboard mapping, ...
  • User help: Interactive keyboard map and off-line help.
  • Language: Spanish (sorry!).
    (I think it's quite intuitive, though. Hopefully, it will be translated into English in a non-too-far future).

What do I need?

You must download the latest version of the Java Virtual Machine. This will let you play the emulator, no matter what computer or O.S. you have.

That's the wonder of Java! ;-)

Where can I download it from?

Just click on the logo :-)

JaS - Logo

Last update: July 9th, 2009

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